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May 29, 2014
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There may come time when you will need to replace some of the copper plumbing pipework that is in your home due to damage of one sort or another. Below is a brief guide to help you to carry out this task, don’t forget if you are not confident you can always call a professional service like Finsbury Plumbers who are trained to rectify any plumbing issues.

Isolate the main water shut-off valve, and open a tap at the lowest point in the house. With tape measure, note the length of pipe that is needed. The full length of any replacement pipework including the two couplings, once fully assembled, must be about ¾in longer than the damaged pipework.

Place a tube cutter over the marking on the pipework and gently clamp down on the pipe by turning the grip clockwise, then rotate. Use too much pressure too quickly and it bends the end of the pipe, resulting in a damaged cutter blade. When the pipework is cut, take a blade or a file and remove any burrs.

Polish the end inside and out which is going to be soldered with emery cloth until it has a bright finish. Spread a layer of flux on the pipe and in the joint.

Assemble the pipe and fitting and distribute the flux to ensure a secure fit. Light the blowtorch and heat the job evenly. When the flux begins to bubble, touch the end of the solder to one point of the joint. The solder will bead around the joint. Take away the flame as soon as the solder starts to flow. Be careful not to move or move the pipe or fitting for about one minute to allow the solder time to cool off. Finsbury Park Plumbers can solder joints.
Switch on the water and check for leaks.

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