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April 9, 2014
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April 12, 2014
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Water suppliers stop cock.
Look for this stopcock outside the house. This will usually be in the pavement by the front gate, or sometimes in the garden near the road. It is below ground level, usually with a cast iron hinged lid. Finsbury Plumbers can identify this.

Main interior stopcock.
Find out where the main stopcock is inside the house. It is usually located under the kitchen sink, but could be just about anywhere. Make sure that it works.

Interior pipes.
Assess the condition of the pipes inside the house, especially the cold water feed. Look under sinks and baths, in the loft, in cupboards, in the garage, and so on. If any appear green slightly, then they are near the end of their life.

Lead pipes.
If you find lead pipes in your plumbing system, they need to be replaced. Your local authority will give you a grant towards the cost of doing this work. Finsbury Plumbers will find and replace these.

Are a good indicator of the age of a plumbing system. If they won’t stop dripping, and It s a constant dripping is resulting in brown water stains down the side of the bath or wash basin, then they need to be changed for new.

Cold Water Storage Tank.
It all up into the loft and inspect the cold water storage tank. All tanks made of lead, galvanised steel or asbestos will need to be replaced as a priority.

While you re in the loft, look at the float valve inside the cold water storage tank. If the ball is dented and green, it is made of copper. Copper floats have been obsolete for a good number of years, so if you have one it probably needs replacing.

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