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May 27, 2014
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May 28, 2014
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If you are considering going away and leaving your property for an extended period of time over the winter months, then, there are a few actions that you can take to prevent you returning home to a plumbing system that is frozen up and potentially even a flood risk. The old routine was to cancel the milk and papers and just turn everything off. If you are unsure or not very confident it could be a good idea to pay a professional plumbing service like Finsbury Plumbers to come over and do it for you.

Actions you can take just before you leave:
First of all you should isolate the main water supply valve to the property, or even call your water provider to advise on the best routine for isolation of your home. Open up all the taps, starting with the upstairs, followed by the downstairs, this especially includes any outdoor outlets you may have. Once the flow of water has stopped you can open the plug at the main shut-off valve if possible allow it to drain. Make sure that the electrical power and/or gas to the water heater is isolated and its drain valve is open. You can if you feel like it, clean out plugs on all sink traps or remove the traps. Once empty, re-fit them and pour in some plumbing antifreeze mixed with water in the proportions specified. *It is not advisable to put anti-freeze in the dishwasher or a washing machine. Should your home include a basement drain or a main trap, you should pour in and fill each one with full-strength antifreeze.

As mentioned earlier if you do not have the time or the confidence or are just confused by your systems, then it will pay you to call a professional plumber help like a Finsbury Plumber who is fully trained in all plumbing issues.

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