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One of the most important and the largely used parts of the house include the bathroom. Remodeling of a bathroom is a good idea. Remodeling of the house is a sizeable investment. Remodeling can add new values to your house. In bathroom remodeling, homeowners may face the dilemma whether to install a shower or new tub. It is because both types of fixtures look good. However, the installation cost of both fixtures vary. Installation cost depends on the level of difficulty in installing the fixtures.

Bathtub Considerations
An installation process of the bathtub may seem complex. During the installation process several things need to be considered. In new homes, installation of the bathtub is done prior to the installation of the enclosures. The bathtubs are usually large in size, make sure that the bathtubs easily fit with the walls of your washroom. Therefore, it is important to measure the area of the bathroom and check whether it can accommodate a tub or not.

The washroom floors must have the potential to support the bathtub weight, especially when the bathtub is filled with water. After installation of the bathtub the next step is the installation of the plumbing systems’ taps.
The installation cost of bathtubs can be expensive if it requires re-tiling and expansion.

Shower Considerations
Shower installation is an easier process as compared to the bathtub installation because it does not require to break down the place, or remove the bathroom tiles for its installation. The only difficulty the homeowner may have to face during the installation is to know which type of shower head to install. There are two common types of shower head, which are as follows:

Typical showerhead
Hand held showerhead

Another challenge is to check the pressure of the shower and thermostat level of the shower.

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