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May 28, 2014
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Two systems exist for water storage in the domestic plumbing world. Below is an explanation of these two systems:

The stored type of system is a low pressure system, where the cold water mains supply enters into your house and fills a large storage vessel that is fitted as high up in your home as possible, normally in the loft. Finsbury Plumbers know this system. The tap water comes from this storage vessel, so if you isolate your cold water supply the water will not instantly stop flowing, taking up to 30 minutes to stop. For emergencies it can be a very anxious half hour, therefore finding and marking your valves is important if you use stored water.

Mains Fed:
This is a high pressure system, with water coming straight from the main supply. This means isolating the cold water stop tap would immediately stop the cold water tap water. The mains cold water is used to ‘power’ the hot water, so the pressure of the cold water is used to push the hot water from your taps. Isolating the main stop starves the hot water of it’s pressure and the hot water taps stop running also. You may have a vessel where the hot water is stored but with no cold water mains pressure to push hot water, it wont reach the taps and will sit in the hot water cylinder. A Finsbury Plumber is trained to fix this type of system.

Many properties have a mix of stored and mains fed water, meaning that the cold water to the kitchen will be mains fed, then provided from storage tanks to the bathroom, while all the hot water is from a stored supply.

High pressure systems have some advantages, however the most important one is that isolating your mains stop tap will instantly stop all hot and cold water in your property. The main disadvantage is loads of water can leak out while you’re trying to find your mains stop-tap. So find and mark it.

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