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June 14, 2014
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August 11, 2014
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Soft Water.
The rain water that falls on peaty, moorland & sandstone areas is known to be soft and acidic. This soft water has a tendacy to be better for washing activities, but it can cause corrosion problems.

Water Conditioner.
The workings of a water conditioner will not soften the water, rather it makes the calcium salts more stable so that they cannot form scale on the plumbing components when the water is heated up. Finsbury Plumbers can fit conditioners.

Non return valve.
This valve is designed to allow water to flow in one direction only. If a problem occurs, the valve will shut and not allow any backflow to happen which prevents any contamination to the domestic water supply.

The auger is flexi metal rod, normally made of a sprung material, fitted with a cutter or other clearing tool on one end. It is primarily used to clear blocked drains. The Closet auger, also known as the toilet auger, has a tubular guide to facilitate entry through the toilet trap. The bigger, longer augers are used in underground drain lines and can be powered by motors.

Copper Pipework.
The water pipelines in our houses are made of copper or a copper alloy. This Copper pipework is normally quite stiff, with small bore tubing being more flexible. Copper does not rust and lasts for decades, but it can become corroded, particularly at soldered joints, leading to leaks. This pipework is normally the most common that is used for potable (or drinking) water. Finsbury Park Plumbers use copper pipes.

Septic Tank.
An underground tank wherein sewage is broken down in an anaerobic bacterial process. Usually composed of two chambers, the septic tank receives the wastewater from the dwelling in the first chamber, which allows the solids to settle to the bottom. The liquid component of the wastewater flows into the second chamber, where further settling takes place. Water then flows into the piping of the septic field, where it is absorbed into the ground and naturally filtered and cleaned.

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