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September 25, 2014
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A water heater is one of the most loved inventions in modern society because no one in the UK wants to wake up in the morning and have a cold shower to start your day. Water heaters can be expensive but they are certainly efficient at what they do but you have to make sure to find a product that fits your needs so you aren’t overpaying on the product and future power bills. The following steps explain how to install a new water heater.
Firstly, begin by preparing the water heater by having a licensed electrician disconnect the old water heater safely. Then shut off the main water supply at the heater and then consider renting a water pump to drain it. The next step involves cutting through the existing water lines using a pipe cutter and then removing them. You may need to adjust the height of the pipes in order to accommodate the new water heater.
Furthermore, install an isolation valve by shutting off the water pump and removing it. Then install an isolation vale on each water line since this will allow the water to be shut off easier without having to turn off the main water supply. Then place the drip pan on the floor since this will collect any water that may leak from the tank. The next step is to solder the new sections of pipe and fittings by soldering as this will connect the water lines to the new water heater.
Then secure the connections by applying Teflon paste to each connection and then make a tailpiece to add to the pressure relief valve and then attach it. Now you can turn the main water supply back on and fill up the water heater.
If you require any help installing a new water heater, Plumbers Finsbury will offer our services for an affordable price but more importantly we can guarantee customer satisfaction.

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